Using sophisticated, wireless, ultra light and user friendly brain mapping tools, we are able to peer into your brain in real time and provide you the insights you need to get an edge in life. We have worked extensively, not only to make our methods scientifically sound but also extremely simple, easy and fun to use.
Simply put, we take the guesswork and interpretation out of life and allow you to get honest, unbiased and evidence based answers from the source of all thought and behaviour.


Taking brain research out of academia and applying it to the real world, Peak Neurosciences is India's first and only applied neuroscience company.
Consisting of a  team of neuroscientists, psychologists and engineers, we aim to get away from the status quo and provide ground breaking methods to answer pertinent questions and gain insights into business, marketing, education, health, sports and society.

How do we do that?
By looking at the source of all of these endeavours, the human brain!
Peak Neurosciences has worked with various scientists and experts from across the world to develop several novel and cutting edge neuroscience services in order to help individuals and organisations understand themselves and the world around them at a level unimaginable even a few years ago.

Whether You  Are

A company looking to understand the emotional preferences of your consumers.

A student confused about which education or career path to take.

A business looking to optimise their employee team performance.

An athlete looking for a mental edge over their competitors.

A person looking to destress and enhance their mental abilities.

Applied Neuroscience has the answer for you.





             Discover what makes you unique.

Brain mapping technology allows us to gain the most accurate and insightful understanding into a person's personality.

We are able to peer into the brain in real time and gain insights into personality, preferences and behaviour.

It allows people to understand and better themselves at the deepest level possible, by revealing to them how their brain guides their behaviour.


                       Discover your path in life.

Utilising the same brain mapping technology allows us to gain the most accurate and insightful understanding into a student's aptitude and skill set. 

While traditional aptitude and career guidance tests are subject to bias, flaws, lack of standardisation and interpretation, brain mapping provides the most accurate assesment of strenghts and weaknesses by looking at the strength of the connections between the brain regions.

This does not determine the intelligence of the person but rather his particular skill set and courses and career that he or she is likely to be successful in.


                                 Discover how to work

The crux of any business is the performance of its employees. Understanding the strengths of your team and placing them in roles most suited to their abilities results in the optimisation of the team dynamic and enhancing work output and employee satisfaction.

Apart from enhancing business efficiency, placing employees in positions most suited to their skill set creates a positive work environment and lowers attrition rate.


Attain peace and happiness

Meditation scientifically proven to be the most effective practice in slowing down the inevitable cognitive decline and keeping a person sharp, happy and productive, is also notoriously difficult to do. Until now that is. With brain mapping meditation methods we are able to train an individual to navigate within the desired meditative relaxed mindset through visual and sound feedback, quicker and easier than traditional methods. The use of technology also allows to quantify the progress of each individual over individual classes in reaching the optimal brain state so needed for a relaxed, healthy brain.

This coupled with science backed breathing techniques, oxygen therapy, aerobic exercises, and nutrition provide the most comprehensive and optimal solution for combating stress and effects of natural decline for all ages.


Attain championships

Sports performance is as much about being mentally sharp as it is about being physically fit. At that level of performance, competition becomes less about which athlete is stronger, faster or fitter but rather rapid decision making, how well can they deal with stress, pressure, and find themselves in the optimal flow state of mental performance of focus, determination and drive.

Applied Neuroscience tools provides new ways to objectively evaluate an athlete’s mental performance through technology, and optimize it to its fullest potential. These tools are used during training, practice and even actual performance, giving consistent data and insights of how an athlete can outperform their competitor.


Attain mental sharpness

Playing video games not with a console, keyboard or mouse but rather your thoughts and your mind, designed using the most advanced knowledge in brain training, enhances abilities related to attention, concentration, memory, dealing with stress, relaxation, decision making and academic performance.

Success in these games requires an individual to attune their brain waves within the desired optimal frequency. The more a person becomes accustomed to do this, the more difficult the skill level becomes pushing the individual to be better than his previous attempt. Think of like a gym for your brain. Cognitive abilities similar to your muscles can be enhanced and improved. Unlike other, online games, there is vast amounts of evidence that neurofeedbackderived cognitive enhancement translates into real life behaviour.


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